Blue Monster Mural

Published on Apr 19, 2013

aMorle 2013 . Blue Monster Mural. @ The Graff LAB : Los Angeles, CA 

Directed and Edited by aMorle 
Photgraphy by Carlos Estrada

Music Credit : 
Peaches feat. Timberlee "Scare me." : Major Lazer, Free the Universe 
Joey Bada$$ "Unorthodox" : Produced by Dj Premier

Mrvel Inc Crew "WOW" Video

Check out the new music video “WOW” by the Marvel Inc crew. The Marvel Inc have been training and performing at the Graff Lab for years now, and we are excited for their success. The video was shot entirely on location at the famous Graff Lab. 



Marvel Inc - WoW Official Music Video Directed by @djCRASHd & Ice Gold Filmed on Location at the World Famous Graff Lab

Save the Planet Mural

This weekend (April 20-22, 2012) the Pico Union neighborhood will be treated to a brand new Earth Day Mural by STP crew. The Earth Day mural is going up at Lucy’s Drive Thru at the intersection of Pico and Union just blocks from the Staples Center in downtown LA. STP is replacing the previous Earth Day mural, which has been on display since 1990. However, the original Earth Day mural has fallen on hard times. It is covered in ugly tags and the sun has drastically faded its once vibrant colors. The Earth Day mural project is being sponsored by the Pico Union Housing Corporation and the Graff Lab.

Fortunately, the artists of the original mural recognize its state of decay and have given the STP crew permission to go over the piece. The Pico Union neighborhood has also signed off on the project and fully supports the new Earth Day mural. The STP crew has spent over $2,500 on paint and is looking for any and all donations. For more information on how to donate please contact Keve at 562-587-5640. Filmmaker Robert Salcido of Sone Canvas Pictures will be making a short documentary film about the Earth Day mural project in conjunction with Man Bites Dog Films, who will be incorporating the historic event into its full length documentary on the Graff Lab and the Pico Union neighborhood.



Photos from Day One of the Earth Day Mural project are below. If you want to check out their progress or lend a hand, Lucy’s Drive Thru is located at Pico and Union in downtown LA.



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