La Breakers Meet La Zombies

Last month the Graff Lab hosted a dance tribute to the late great Michael Jackson, which included performances by the L.A. Breakers, Thrill the World Los Angeles, the Pico Union Kids, 93rd Elementary, Crenshaw Heights, Ejame, The Young Marvels and DJ Jess.



Car Club

A local Los Angeles muscle car club came to the Graff Lab a couple weeks ago to stage some some of there cars, they stayed the whole day allowing our guests to see the muscle cars, here is what they sent us. To find out more about how to throw your event at the Graff Lab, or how to stage your next photo or video shoot, contact us through facebook.





The Art of WAR

The Art of War Grafflab /Pico Union

Collaboration: Van Saro, Jamie Johnson. Mural painted at Graff Lab. Los Angeles CA. 2011. Film by Martin Yernazian

Serk & Savager Time Lapse

Since July producer-director Rory Owen Delaneyhas been working on a documentary about The Graff Lab, the Pico Union Housing Corporation and life in downtown Los Angeles. At the center of the film are Ricky Guerrero and Gloria Farias whose enterprising programs and teamwork have been uplifting the Pico-Union community for years. By empowering local taggers, skaters and jerks to create art, dance, music and small businesses, Ricky and Gloria aim to include the Pico-Union district in the gentrification of downtown LA while still maintaining their community’s distinct identity.

Delaney’s previous documentary “Toxic Soup” was recently acquired by The Documentary Channel and was an official selection of the 2010 Atlanta Film Festival, New Jersey Film Festival, Twin Cities Film Festival, Louisville International Festival of Film, the KahBang Film Festival and the American Conservation Film Festival, among others. Delaney is currently editing a trailer for the upcoming Graff Lab documentary. In the meantime he has posted some graffiti time lapses shot at the world famous Graff Lab on his vimeo and youtube profiles. The first time lapse features German graffiti artist Jason Holloway and LA-based Aldo. The second time lapse features California graffiti artists Serk and Savager.

Graff Lab Time Lapse - Cali Style from Rory Owen Delaney on Vimeo.

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